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SMALL INITIATIVES: Caring Mother Earth   



Acacia aure seedlings were planted in the watershed at Kamalig, Poog, Toledo City.  This is aimed to revive the source of water that is supplying more than 100 household around the area. The older residents describe the flow of water from the tank as the size of a head but as development in the area especially, mining, quarrying nearby, the water 

is so thin if not there is no trickle at all during summer months  Another contributory cause of the scarcity of water is the possible movement of the earth’s layer due to earthquake plus the increasing temperature/unprecedented climate change due to irresponsible ways of treating nature/environment. The past five years the water is so scarce that people quarrel for water supply. A number started to dig their own ground well yet many of these wells cannot supply the needed water for the household. I believe so that people either lack knowledge /not well informed of the consequences of going far beyond their rights without the corresponding responsibilities, thinking only of today and their own need/interests; or they are knowledgeable of the beauty and usefulness of maintaining the biodiversity and harmony in creation but care less and do nothing….this indeed is tragedy that we have been long time in CLIMATE EMERGENCY! Frequent  thunderstorm  like the heavy rain for some days early part of September 2021, the water ways overflowed reaching and damaging plantation and buildings/houses along the riverbanks and low lying areas. The wrath of anthropogenic causes of Climate Change is too strong that all aspects of life is in a critical

condition unless we, the planetary community make a united and strong political will to TAKE ACTION

by group toward Eco responsibility for the healing of our relationship with all of creation and the CREATOR!




One concrete action we took recently is the planting of fast growing vegetables  like saluyot and spinach…just broadcast seed on fertile ground  before rainy season. In less than two months we can  have greens for healthy food, allowing landless neighbors to till and plant vegetables and root crops in some   vacant areas in our land.


PLAN FOR OCTOBER 2021 – 2024

  • Practice and share different ways of making organic inputs to preserve the land and get better yield from crops.

  • Collect good seeds of vegetables, fruit trees and forest trees and employ  the help of women to sow seeds for seedling of indigenous trees and different varieties of bamboo to be either sold and/distributed for planting. Why bamboo? can sequester 30% more carbon dioxide from the atmosphere more than any other tree and thus can reduce global warming.

  • Encourage churches/ schools/ employers to require their members/students/ employees to grow trees in their land or public/other’s soil.

  • Continue to collaborate and give IEC on Climate/ Eco-spirituality to groups especially the youth and likeminded institutions/groups and challenge /move them to commit doable action like growing trees, gardening, etc.  toward a livable earth here, now and for the morrow.



Sr. Benilda Avelino, SSpS

Mercado Sustaiinable Farm Development

Poog, Toledo City, Cebu, Philippines


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