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Our Work:

VIVAT Collaborates with UN towards achieving its goals at two levels:

1) At the Grassroots Level: We are involved in action and addressing systemic issues through lobbying and advocacy work in addressing National Government, either alone or with other NGOs, through:

  • Letter writing Campaigns 

  • Signature Campaigns 

  • Encounters with Government officials 

  • Written Statements 

  • Put pressure on National Governments 

  • To implement the policies and programs agreed upon 

  • To implement legislation passed at National and UN levels 

  • Keepmembersinformed ofthe forthcoming events at the UN


2) At the International Level: Executive Team in New York influences UN and the Government delegates:

  • To bring about sound policies and programs

  • To promote and establish gender equality 

  • To promote people centered approach to development 

  • To bring about peace and harmony citizens 

  • To promote sustainable development

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