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The VIVAT Philippines National Executive Team consists of all JPIC Coordinators and Social Action In-charge of the Founding, Member and Associate Religious Congregations and Affiliated Lay Representatives.  

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Fr. Aureenhor Ian Capuyan Nercua, SVD


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Sr. Teresa Mercado, MSCS


  1. Representing VIVAT International Philippines at the national level in respect to both governmental  institutions,  NGOs,  civil  society organizations and the country office of UN agencies.

  2. Networking and communicating with the members and the Executive Team of VIVAT International, circulating information, and raising the awareness of VIVAT’s stakeholders.

  3. Coordinating programs and activities in order to involve the entire membership of VIVAT  International Philippines  in promoting  the efforts of the United Nations and VIVAT International an issues of human life and rights, sustainable and equitable human development, and social and ecological well-being.

  4. Developing positions on behalf of VIVAT International Philippines in consultation and dialogue with members working at the grassroots level

  5. Attending and participating in the United Nations meetings and activities at the national and regional levels both to represent VIVAT International Philippines and to cooperate in the promotion of shared values.

  6. Networking and collaborating with other NGOs and civil society organizations

  7. Maintaining a homepage and producing a regular newsletter to keep the members  informed of activities  of VIVAT International Philippines, and providing  the members  with  a forum in which to share experiences and insights.

  8. Holding regular bi-annual meetings in the months of September and April to evaluate the programs  and activities of the on-going year and to plan the programs and activities for the coming year. 

  9. Submitting a report  of  the  activities  of  the  previous  year  and  a proposal for an action 

  10. Submitting an annual financial report 

Duties and Responsibilities of the National Executive Team

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