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VIVAT International Philippines is a Non-Governmental Organization network established by the Society of the Divine Word (hereafter SVD) and the Missionary Sisters Servants of the Holy Spirit (hereafter SSpS). As a National Branch of VIVAT International, VIVAT International Philippines functions under the general directives of VIVAT International. All members in the Philippines of the Founding Religious Congregations (SVD and SSpS), Member Religious Congregations and Associate Religious Congregations by virtue of their membership in the respective congregations, are members or associates of VIVAT International Philippines (ref. Charter 4).



VIVAT International Philippines shares in the vision of the world that promotes a culture of life emanating from the charisms of our respective congregations.


We therefore aim to:


1. Defend the sacredness of human life from its beginning and until its natural end,

       and promote human dignity. 

2. Work for ecological sustainability, the protection of biodiversity, and the

     preservation of the richness of the planet for future generations.


3. Establish network with other NGOs and appropriate government agencies and so share in our common

    efforts in the awareness and eradication of poverty in the Philippines and in the world.



VIVAT International Philippines   focuses on issues dealing with human rights particularly in the areas of migration, human trafficking, violence/abuse of women and children, indigenous peoples,   poverty   eradication,   sustainable   development,   environmental protection (air, hand, and marine), and culture of peace.


VIVAT International Philippines has the following goals and purposes:


  1. To facilitate periodic faith sharing, sharing of information and awareness-raising activities among VIVAT members, and when appropriate come out with Statements. 

  2. Ta promote and defend the sacredness of human life by affirming the primary right to life of every human being and opposing alt threats especially unjust economic structures, genocide, capital punishment and torture, abortion and euthanasia. 

  3. To engage in advocacy and lobbying on issues of human rights, justice and peace, and integrity of creation, especially on mining, water/marine pollution, and air pollution at the local, regional, national and international levels. 

  4. To glean the grassroots experiences and insights from its members and bring these to the attention of others, particularly of the United Nations. 

  5. To help sustain the cultural identity of the indigenous peoples and promote their rights to their ancestral domains. 

  6. To support the advocacy towards a lasting peace in Mindanao. 

  7. To work for the electoral and political reforms in government, to address corruption and promote good governance, in collaboration with civil society and other groups with the same advocacy. 

  8. To provide a liaison for networking and collaboration with other agencies and NGOs.


We recognize that these goals and purposes are compatible with the work of the United Nations for human rights, peace, integrity of creation, and development. We also recognize that the United Nations is an important forum for collaboration with others in the world who share these goals. We, therefore, seek to work together with the United Nations, as well as with other agencies and NGOs.


We believe that the presence and long term experience of our members, in many and various situations in the Philippines and in other parts of the world, is an important resource for achieving these goals.



“Together for life, dignity and human rights”


  • speaks for our collective vision, mission, goals and initiatives.

  • Together – We 12 religious congregations and societies along with our coworkers and partners under the umbrella of VIVAT International promote, protect, and respect life in fullness for all people and creation, work for restoring the dignity of each human person, through a human rights approach.



The name VIVAT is derived from the Latin verb “VIVERE” meaning ‘TO LIVE” and expresses the deep wish for all that exists: “May s/he live, may all persons live, may all creation live!”. It evokes the programmatic prayer of St. Arnold Janssen, the founder of the two congregations - SVD and SSpS from which the name of the organization originates. The prayer Vivat Deus Unus et Trinus in Cordibus Nostris (“May the One and Triune God live in our hearts”) is the unifying symbol of the two congregations. The logo depicts three persons embracing, welcoming and supporting one another while at the same time looking beyond their own circle to the larger outer world that is longing for unity and communion. The three olive shoots springing from the second letter of VIVAT stand for the hope and the transformation that VIVAT International envisages for the world. The map of the Philippines in tri-color (red, blue and yellow) of the Philippine flag represents the Philippines as a VIVAT International national branch.

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